Олимпиада по английскому языку для 6 класса | Олимпиадные задания по английскому языку (6 класс) на тему: | Образовательная социальная сеть

Олимпиада по английскому языку для 6 класса | олимпиадные задания по английскому языку (6 класс) на тему: | образовательная социальная сеть

Олимпиада для 6 класса

Первый блок. Задания, оцениваемые в 5 баллов.

  1. Выбери правильный вариант ответа_____________your mother like cooking?
  1. Do    b) Does  c) Is   d) Are
  1. Вставьте пропущенный предлог. Cindy gives chocolate____her dog.
  1. from  b) by   c) to   d) at
  1. Вставьте пропущенное слово. Jane is________in her family.
  1. young  b) the youngest  c) better d) the younger
  1. Из данных слов составьте вопросительное предложение:  doing, the children, what, are
  1. What are the children doing?
  2. What the children are doing?
  3. Are what the children doing?
  4. What are doing the children?
  1. Выберите предложение, в котором верно расставлены артикли.
  1. For the breakfast I have a coffee with a milk and a sugar.
  2. For breakfast I have a coffee with milk and sugar.
  3. For breakfast I have a coffee with a milk and sugar.
  4. For breakfast I have a coffee with milk and a sugar.

Второй блок. Задания, оцениваемые в 8  баллов.

  1. Выберите подходящий глагол.__________photos/ your umbrella/ the dog for a walk
  1. do  b) take  c) talk  d) play
  1. Выберите вопросительное слово к подчеркнутому слову.  Jane met her friends at the party.
  1. what  b) who c) when  d) where
  1. Закончи вопрос. Let’s go to the disco,______?
  1. aren’t we  b) shall we  c) don’t we d) let us
  1.   Найди соответствие между словами.

1 . land                 A) go up

2. way out            B) control

3. climb                C) ground

4. check                D) exit

a)  1-c, 2-d, 3-a, 4-b     b) 1-d, 2-c, 3-a, 4-b    c) 1-b, 2-a, 3-d, 4-c   d) 1-c, 2-b, 3-d, 4-a

      10. Прочитай пословицу, отметь правильный вариант перевода.

It’s better to do well than to say well.

  1. Доброе дело и кошке приятно
  2. Говорить- хорошее дело
  3. Хорошее дело лучше хороших слов
  4. Хорошо сделаешь- хорошо об этом расскажешь

Третий блок. Задания, оцениваемые в 10 баллов.

  1. Просмотри вопросы и заполни диалог, выбрав соответствующие ответы из предложенных ниже. В какой последовательности ты будешь вставлять их в диалог

-Tell me please about your family. Is your family big?


Do you get on well with each other?


-What’s your parents’ occupation?


-And what about your sister?


-Thanks for information.

  1. My sister is also a pupil. She is older than me and studies in the eighth form. She is is very sociable and creative
  2. Yes, we do. We are a very friendly family.
  3.   My mom doesn’t work, she’s a housewife. My dad is a businessman.
  4. No, it’s not. We are a typical family of four people.
  1. 4 2 3 1   b)  2 1 3 4   c) 1 2 3 4   d) 1 3 2 4

Четвертый блок. Задания, оцениваемые в 20 баллов

12. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глагол в нужном времени.

 1.In the evening I often ( go) to see my friends.

2.When your classes ( begin) on Monday?

3.For breakfast I ( have) two eggs and a cup of tea.

4.She ( help) her mother yesterday?

5.Kate ( leave) for Moscow tomorrow.

6.My favorite seasons ( be): winter and autumn.

7.He (not, spend) last summer holidays in the country.

8.I ( be) sorry, I (to lose) my keas yesterday.

9.You ( meet) Den at school last Tuesday?

10.Your sister ( speak) French well?

Школьная олимпиада по английскому языку, 5-6 класс

Пояснительная записка

Предмет: Английский язык 

Название мероприятия: Всероссийская олимпиада школьников по английскому языку (школьный этап) 

Класс: 5-6

Продолжительность: 50 минут

Цель: выявление и развитие у обучающихся интереса к английскому языку, создание необходимых условий для поддержки одаренных детей, пропаганда лингвистических и социокультурных знаний.

Объекты контроля: чтение, лексико-грамматическая сторона речи, социокультурная компетенция, письмо.

Форма выполнения: индивидуальная

Содержание разработки:

1) Пояснительная записка

2) Тестовые задания (Приложение 1)

3) Бланк для внесения ответов (Приложение 2)

4) Критерии оценивания и подсчет баллов (Приложение 3)

5) Методические рекомендации к выполнению заданий (Приложение 4)

6) Ключи (Приложение 5)

7) Используемые ресурсы

Приложение 1

Всероссийская олимпиада школьников по английскому языку

2022-2022 учебный год

Школьный этап

5-6 классы

Продолжительность 50 минут


Read the text and do the tasks:

blind слепой



You know that a dog is a man’s best friend. The dog is also man’s oldest friend.

More than ten thousand years ago, dogs didn’t live with people. They were wild.

Now dogs live with people and do many good things for them. Dogs can be “eyes” for blind people. There was a dog, Bruno, who saved 40 people in the mountains. Dogs help geologists to find metals. They help police officers to catch criminals.

If you have a dog, you know how clever dogs are. You can teach your dog to do many tricks: to bring things to you, to carry your bag when you do shopping, to help you with your school-bag when you come home from school.

Dogs usually like to swim and you can teach your dog to swim. But you must remember that some dogs are afraid of water.

Where do you leave your dog, when you go on holiday? Leave him in good hands: with a neighbour or a family friend. Take your dog to these people before you go away. Sit down and talk to them. Show your dog that they are your friends and he will like them.

Take care of your dog; never let him run wild in the street. If you are good to your dog, he will be your real friend.

Task 1. Read the text again and put the events in the correct order:

1. Dogs help police officers. ___

2. More than ten thousand years ago dogs didn’t live with people. _1_

3. Never let your dog run wild in the street. ___

4. When you go on holiday, you can leave your dog with a family friend. ___   

5. Now dogs do many good things for people. ___

Task 2. Choose True (A) if the sentence agrees with the text and False (B) if it doesn’t agree with the text:

6. Many thousand years ago, dogs were wild.

A) True. B) False.

7. Dogs help to find people in the mountains.

A) True. B) False.

8. You can never teach your dog to swim.

A) True. B) False.

9. Your dog can carry your bag from the shop.

A) True. B) False.

10. The dogs are not very clever.

A) True. B) False.


Task 1. Read the story. Choose the best word A, B or C for each gap 11 – 26:

The mice and the cat

Long, long ago there lived a lot of (11) __ in an old house. There lived a cat in (12) __ house too. The mice (13) __ afraid of the cat but they (14) __ what to do. So, one day they all (15) __ to an old clever mouse and began talking (16) __ the cat.

What (17) __ we do?” they (18) __ . “The cat will kill (19) __ all.” Suddenly one little mouse (20) __ , “Let’s put a bell round the cat’s neck and we (21) __ it.”

They were all very (22) __ and they (23) __ to dance. Suddenly (24) __clever old mouse said, “(25) __ want to ask one question. Who will put the bell round the (26) __ neck?”

11. A) mouse B) mice C) mouse’s

12. A) these B) those C) that

13. A) were B) was C) is

14. A) doesn’t know B) won’t know C) didn’t know

15. A) came B) comes C) will come

16. A) at B) about C) for

17. A) couldn’t B) can C) cannot

18. A) will say B) says C) said

19. A) us B) we C) our

20. A) will say B) said C) say

21. A) heard B) will hear C) is hearing

22. A) bad B) glad C) sad

23. A) begins B) began C) begun

24. A) the B) an C) –

25. A) Me B) My C) I

26. A) cat’s B) cats C) cats’

Task 2. Choose the best preposition A, B, C or D:

27. I get up ___ 7 o’clock.

A) by B) to C) at D) of

28.I jump ___ my bed.

A) for B) out of C) about D) above

29. I wash myself, I dress, then I have breakfast and I put my books ___ my bag.

A) on B) to C) at D) into

30. I go ___ school.

A) to B) for C) of D) at

31. I go there ___ bus.

A) in B) by C) with D) at


Read the sentences and choose the right answer:

32. The United Kingdom consist of ___ countries.

A) four B) three C) two

33. The capital of Great Britain is ___

A) New York B) Washington C) London

34. The residence of the Queen is ___

A) Westminster Abbey B) Buckingham Palace C) the Tower of London

35. London stands on the river ___

A) Severn B) Clyde C) Thames

36. The colours of the British flag are ___

A) red, blue, white B) only red and yellow C) green, white and red

37. The Lock-Ness Monster is in ___

A) Northern Ireland B) Scotland C) Wales

38. Stonehenge is in ___

A) England B) Wales C) Northern Ireland

39. In reality, Big Ben is ___

A) a clock B) a bell C) a statue

40. Madame Tussauds is ___

A) a wax museum in London B) an American cartoon C) a British actress

41. The double-decker is ___

A) a bus B) a car C) a ship

42. The traditional London taxi is ___

A) yellow B) black C) green


Do you know how to write in English? Write about yourself:

43. Name ________________________________________________________

44. Surname ______________________________________________________

45. Home address __________________________________________________

46. Date of birth ___________________________________________________

47. Family ________________________________________________________

48. Do you have any pets? ____________________________________________

49. Favourite school subjects __________________________________________

50. What are your hobbies? ___________________________________________

51. What is your dream? _____________________________________________

52. What profession (job) do you want to choose in future? __________________

Transfer your answers into the answer sheet!

Приложение 2

Participant’s ID number





43. Name _____________________________________________________________

44. Surname __________________________________________________________

45. Home address ______________________________________________________

46. Date of birth _______________________________________________________

47. Family ____________________________________________________________

48. Do you have any pets? ________________________________________________

49. Favourite school subjects _____________________________________________

50. What are your hobbies? _______________________________________________

51. What is your dream? _________________________________________________

52. What profession (job) do you want to choose in future? _____________________

Приложение 3

Критерии оценивания и подсчет баллов

Приложение 4

Методические рекомендации

Приложение 5


READING (9 points)             USE OF ENGLISH (21 points)


WRITING (10 points)

Total: 51 points

Используемые ресурсы:

1) Методические рекомендации по разработке заданий и требований к проведению школьного этапа всероссийской олимпиады школьников в 2022/2022уч.г. по английскому языку —

2) Анкета для заполнения —

3) Текст «Dogs» —

4) Текст «The mice and the Cat» —

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